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Shoe-Fix Glue: Professional Grade Shoe Repair Glue For Shoes, Sandals and more

Shoe-Fix Glue: Professional Grade Shoe Repair Glue For Shoes, Sandals and more

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Repair your shoes and soles with ease using our premium Shoe-Fix Glue, the best adhesive solution for all kinds of footwear. Trusted by professionals, our top-rated adhesive offers lasting durability, ensuring your shoes stay in top condition. If the shoe fits, glue it!


  1. Completely remove all moisture, oil, dirt, or any other residue from surfaces. Let it dry.
  2. Apply a small thin bead of Shoe-Fix Glue adhesive along the “wear line” or edge of the sole of one surface to be bonded. Porous materials require more adhesive, hold time, and pressure to ensure proper repair.
  3. Immediately assemble the sole to desired position and hold it securely for 10-45 seconds. Soak up excess glue with a tri-fold paper towel.


  • Bonds almost instantly with no clamping 
  • Specifically formulated to create a lasting bond 
  • Glue doesn't expand or dry thick
  • Creates a flexible bond unaffected by heat, cold or moisture
  • Dries clear – use it on any color shoe without worrying about black smudges or skin discoloration
  • Safe to use on all rubber and vinyl footwear including men's and women's dress shoes, athletic shoes, climbing shoes, boots and more
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or get your money back!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Samantha Robinson
Seems good but needs quite a bit more than anticipated

I haven’t worn the shoes yet, but it seemed to take quite a bit of glue to finally get it to hold the rubber molding together on the shoe. I also had to use clamps


Quick and easy shoe fix. Defiantly ordering again!

felix korobeynik


Best glue ever

Crazy glue, but FLEXIBLE, in QUANTITY and in a NICE-NON-CLOGGING bottle... what more can be desired?

Best shoe repair glue ever!

Hideki Takahashi
let's see

Let's see how that goes. It seems good so far!