About Our Shoe Glue


Separated Shoe Sole
Our Background: Cobblers
 After serving in World War II, Ed, started a shoe repair shop because shoe repair was one of the options provided through the GI Bill.  For the next 20 years he cut new soles, reconditioned leather uppers, and stitched and glued his customers favorite comfortable shoes so that they could keep wearing them. When hearing a customer complain that their favorite shoe sole came apart from the upper, He always said, “Well if the shoe fits, glue it!”
Ed had two sons, Dean and John, and they both learned the shoe repair trade from their father in Ed’s Shoe Repair shop.  In 1973, Ed sold the shop to his son Dean and moved to Florida with John and John’s older sister, Jeri.  John enlisted in the US Navy after high school and after 4 years of service he returned to carry on the family business in 1980. All purpose cement had been the shoe glue of choice for the shoe repair industry for the majority of modern history, but it just didn’t work on the new types of materials the shoe manufacturers were beginning to use, especially in the heat. 
Around the end of the 1980’s, a “super glue” for shoes was being introduced to shoe repair professionals.  Like regular super glue (cyanoacrylate), this super glue for shoes bonded almost instantly and held extremely strong. Over the last 20 years John had dreamed of bottling this well kept industry secret and making it available to the retail market so that the consumer could repair their own footwear.  There will never be a replacement for a skilled cobbler who can rebuild and restore your comfortable shoes, but in 2014, John registered the brands Boot-Fix and Shoe-Fix glues and made it possible for our customers to glue their own shoes and those of their families, and friends. 
Shoe-Fix, our shoe repair glue, bonds instantly, cures fast, dries clear, and holds strong. Even when exposed to heat, cold, intense pressure, moisture, or fully submerged in water, Shoe-Fix Glue bonds and holds strong! 
Shoe-Fix Glue is the strongest footwear adhesive that works on all different types of shoe materials.
As Ed would say, “Well if the shoe fits, glue it!”