The Best Shoe Glue?

As we embarked on this journey of making a Professional Grade Shoe Repair Glue available to the common consumer to repair their own shoes, I did my due diligence to discover what other shoe glues were out there. In my opinion, Shoe-Fix and Boot-Fix Glue is the best shoe repair glue for bonding any type of material that's used to manufacture shoes these days.

Consider the other leading adhesive brands marketed for repairing shoes. Google "Shoe Glue" and the whole first page returns results for Shoe Goo. It's weird, right? I was searching for glue, not goo! Anyway, as any current or former skater knows, Goo has its place with shoes when you need that thick, rubbery layer of protection. But a thick, rubbery layer to bond part of my sole back to the bottom of my shoe or to bond pieces of leather back in place where the stitching has come undone? Freesole is pretty much the same stuff too. No thanks! Oh, and if you still want to try, please allow for 24 to 72 hours for it to cure... and don't forget your clamps.

One of the number one videos returned when searching for "Shoe Glue" is a how-to video for Gorilla Glue. From our perspective, that video is hilarious! During the demonstration, the demo girl says "Keep in mind that Gorilla Glue foams 3 times what you apply... "! Seriously?! In all directions? So it could foam out all over the shoes I'm trying to save and then dry 3 times thicker than what I applied so it feels like I have a mound of dirt or something in between the sole and the bottom of my shoe? Then she adds, "... so a little goes a long way." Lol! I don't want it to go a long way! I want it to stay where I put it so that I can glue my shoe back together! But wait, there's more! Then she says you have to clamp it for 30-60 minutes before you can wear them. So she grabs her Gorilla Tape and wraps the tape around the designer boot she's repairing to make sure it's clamped enough. First of all, she "glued" the toe of the boot but taped the middle of the shoe. Second, why would you put super sticky tape on a nice pair of boots? The tape will pull off the shine and/or finish at the least. Lastly, why not just use Shoe-Fix or Boot-Fix Glue?

Shoe-Fix and Boot-Fix Glues bond in seconds not days. They don't expand like Gorilla Glues or dry thick like Shoe Goo. Also, no clamping necessary. Who has time for that, even if you have clamps? Our adhesive was designed specifically for the Shoe Repair Industry because it bonds almost instantly without clamping, stays flexible so it won't crack and break apart over time, and it holds as it's supposed to even when wet or in extreme temperatures. Shoe repair professionals know that a flexible cyanoacrylate (super glue) is the best shoe glue available, but not all flexible cyanoacrylates are as good as the others. Our old formula worked on about 90% of the materials out there used to make footwear these days, but it still had trouble with some different types of boots. We found that if we did use clamps in those instances that the old formula worked too, but then we found the formula we use now which tops anything else out there in terms of performance to bond in seconds and hold like a professional repair should.

We've been doing shoe repair for three generations now and we've been using this type of shoe glue in our shops for about 25 years. We thought it was time to put 20 grams of what we think is the best professional grade shoe glue available into the hands of the consumer. We use it in our own shops and so do shoe repair professionals all over the world.

Save those boots and shoes you love. Save the shoes of your family and friends. There's enough in there for up to 10 boots or 15 shoes. It's easy! Glue your own shoes....and handbags...and torn fabrics...and ripped zippers...and holes in pockets...and buttons...and...

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