A Step-by-Step Guide with Boot-Fix and Shoe-Fix Glue

How to Use

  1. Completely remove all moisture, oil, dirt, or any other residue from the surface before you start your repair.
  2. Unscrew the cap to expose the fine tip nozzle (Do NOT unscrew the nozzle from the bottle).
  3. Apply a small thin bead of Boot-Fix or Shoe-Fix shoe glue along the “wear line” or edge of sole to one surface to be bonded.
  4. Immediately assemble sole to desired position and hold securely for 10-45 seconds.
  5. Be sure to tighten the cap back on the nozzle until it clicks into place to ensure the glue will not dry out when not in use.


Helpful Tips

  • Use a tri-folded paper towel to wipe off any excess glue.
  • For completely detached soles, preset sole to desired position and hold. Repeat above steps to the toe or heel first, then repeat for opposite end until entire sole is attached.
  • If there’s a white film on the surface of the material, or if the footwear has been washed or exposed to soapy substances, you will need to use more Boot-Fix or Shoe-Fix shoe glue and apply more pressure for a longer period of time to allow for the adhesive to soak through the film and bond to the intended materials.
  • For porous materials, use Boot-Fix or Shoe-Fix shoe glue as described in the directions.  If the bond does not hold after 1 minute, simply repeat the steps again with more glue now that the porous material has been filled with some glue. This repair might also require more pressure for a longer period of time for the adhesive to work as intended.
  • Latex or other types of gloves are not required to use Boot-Fix or Shoe-Fix shoe glue and may get glued to your footwear accidently. We recommend doing the repairs carefully with your bare hands. If you do accidently get Boot-Fix or Shoe-Fix shoe glue on your skin, apply cooking oil to bonded areas and gently rub to peel bond apart.
  • Clean the nozzle with the paper towel before replacing the cap to prevent the cap from being glued to the nozzle.
  • Store Boot-Fix and Shoe-Fix shoe glue in a cool dry place or refrigerator and ensure the cap clicks shut when closing for longest life.
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